Expert on financial technology 


We help IT-startups become market leaders 

We invest in promising startups, develop strategies and ensure financial control. We lift up IT-startups in the banking, insurance and investment sectors, in the cloud and medical technology, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, machine learning, and big data analysis.


Sectors for investments

  • Financial Technology
    • Digital Banks
    • InvestTech
    • Online Lending
    • Marketplace
    • Payments
    • Infrastructure
    • Personal Finance
    • Scoring
    • Insurance
    • Management Accounting
  • SAAS & Smart clouds
  • RPA – automation and robotization
  • Medical Technology
  • Educational technology
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • AI – Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity


Our priorities

  • Help you make the most out of your resources.
  • Get you to the top of the industry, in the long run – make you a consolidation centre and M&A
  • Select the best investment options for you
  • Increase your profit and decrease your risks.




We see the
bigger picture

We create products that take off, thanks to our knowledge of both IT and finance.


We pick the best

Our employees are professionals with international work experience. The staff in our branches are the minds behind many successful financial projects, including, but not limited to: Sovest bank card; development of the IT infrastructure of an international oil and gas company; software for Rosbank as well as other international banks.


We work efficiently

We have learned from our international experience and used the output to optimize operations and deliver results in the shortest time possible.




We team up with companies to exchange knowledge and experience in order to become market leaders together.



Fintech services that save the business time so it could generate more profit. Elfin provides smart access to financial services for customers as well as developing new marketing channels and creating market segments for the service providers.

Elfin works in two directions: Banking services – bank guarantees, lending, factoring, settlement accounts.
Investment technology – Matrix platform, Elfin Scanner, Elfin EVA
Elfin has been a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation since 2018.


Elfin Digital

An online platform combining products of B2B clients and increasing their accessibility to the user. Elfin Digital creates a sound client base, increases product loyalty and improves sales.




Let your project become a reality and take off. Share the background of your idea so that we can recognize its potential and help bring it to life.

What we look for when selecting candidates:
1. What problem does the product solve?
2. Why would consumers choose it?
3. Who is your target audience?
4. What promotion channels will you use?
5. What are your competitive position and key metrics?

Decision process
1. Collection of facts and figures
2. Initial analysis and interviews with authors
3. Project evaluation and preliminary due diligence
4. Detailed analysis
5. Decision making and completing the transaction
6. Work on the project and further monetizations

    For more information, see our Data Processing Policy.

    Open job offer: Investment analyst


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